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We Love our Chocolate Doodles!

No Shedding to low shedding Double Doodles

Wait list already full! ask about our 2022 Litters

light Chocolate and Dark Chocolate 

All my Dogs have been Genetically tested for Health

Through Embark for Breeders

Doodle Love

These are a few of our puppies- Irishdoodles  &

Double Retriever Doodles. No shedding and Beautiful!


A Note From the lead Doodle Mom.

Raising  Double Retriever Doodles is my third act in  life.

My 1st act, I graduated with a Bachelors degree in fine arts From Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota Fla. and was a artist working at art studios, frame shops and at a printing business for 10 years.

 My second act I have been a Massage Therapist ,  Spa owner and spa manager for 25 years.

With my own business. Great Restorations and Spa Director at the Renaissance Pine Isle Resort and Emerald Point Resorts at Lake Lanier Island , a Instructor, medical massage and in home senior care massage.

This is my 3rd act.  When I was a child my best friends were our pets Cara, a cairn terrier and our cat Mittsey ,who had a litter of kittens. They were the greatest joy to me. I have always had a great connection to animals and they tend to gravitate to me.

 Little did my family know then what a impact these animals would have on us but now 4 out us 6 sisters find great joy and fulfillment from supporting the creation of  beautiful puppies for loving families.

It is my joy in life, to bring joy to people through these little puppies. I believe dogs are the greatest giver of unconditional love and it is my passion to give these puppies the best possible start to their lives so that they can be a great joy to the families that adopt them.            Betsy Gotch 

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