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                                                                       Please feel free to text or call anytime

                                                                           The Next puppies will be in 2024

                                                             Juniper in the spring and heather in summer/Fall




                                                 Standard chocolate  doodles 50-65lb Heather and Louie, 50-65lb

                                                                      Juniper and Louie Chocolate and red/apricot 50/55lb


                                                                                     Fleece and curly coats available

                                                                                         Curly No/low shedding!





                                                                                                    All puppies include Vet Certified Health Certif. Micro chips, 

                                                                                                         , de worming records and 30 days free insurance.

                                                                                                     Please text me for more info 678-232-7829 Betsy Gotch



No puppies Available Now


Double Doodles, Labradoodle+ Goldendoodle


         Juniper Fall Litter

       " Baby cakes litter"

        Medium's 35-40lb !!!

       puppy deposit is 500.00

      Dark Reds

       Cash app/Zelle/ Venmo

      Contact me before sending              deposit. 678-232-7829 Betsy


       Text 678-232-7829 to reserve a puppy for     Fall  2023 Dad/Stud is 50lb 

Mom/ 55lb pups will be 50- 65+lb full grown.

Some boys will be bigger if they take after their grandparents. I can tell by 6 weeks old who will be bigger and who will be smaller.

   Cream/ Chocolate / Chocolate with white











50lb poodle


Reserve your puppy now

call or text before making deposit

678-232-7829 Betsy Gotch

This holding deposit is non refundable but is transferable to future litters upto one year.

Please read Puppy agreement below and text or email me before deposit is made.  Reply" We agree "

send or call me with you phone number and email.

 messenger is a great way to get photos. I send updated photos or videos about once a week.

Follow me on TIKTOK @betsyclarise

Grooming a doodle is so important, Their hair grows and knots up like ours. So brushing is a must and hair cuts are needed. if you plan to get in the lake or pond a lot a short hair cut is best. Inside dogs that get brushed daily can have the long coats we all love.

These are great family dogs but are medium/ large. Please speak with a vet or trainer about the age of your children and the right time to add a puppy to your family.

30 days of FREE insurance

just a 250.00 deductible!

Code GDD

Use Code


for discount


Dr Katie Wolczek

UGA graduate

My mobile Vet

takes care of my pups and pup parents

I get all my pre natal and supplements here

          30 days FREE Insurance

We are happy to partner with trupanion

You will receive all the info to have a Free 30 days of insurance!

This starts the day you bring home your puppy!

I started this to protect you and your puppy!

not just peace of mind but can save you hundreds if their is a accident.

What we feed our dogs and puppies is very important to us!

  After the food I had been using for years changed I went on a hunt for the best kibble possible! I tried feeding raw but it was difficult.

I still feed home made meats, sweet potatoes, veggies and some fruit for treats but Purina Pro Plan Large breed Puppy is what both my vets feed their dogs!

I don't make any money from promoting them or get free food etc.. I just want the best for my dogs and puppies!

What you get with your Georgia Doodle Dog puppy,

  • Health Certificate
  • up to date vaccinations and micro chip done by my Veterinarian
  • De Worming done every 2 weeks
  • Discount on Puppy training and one on one online classes.
  • 1 year genetic health guarantee
  • parents health report done through Embark/ Parents test clear of 160 genetic issues they test for.
  • Embark test also is proof of Breed. It will show % of Retriever/ Poodle
  • Puppy contract
  • Spay/ neuter agreement
  • Puppy take home tips and recommended supplies needed.
  • a 3 day supply of Purina Pro Plan puppy food
  • A plush toy or blanket that smells like me and Mom
  • Beautiful puppy photos that are perfect for framing
  • Freshly bathed puppy
  • puppy collar.


Getting a puppy is fun

Being a breeder is a big responsibility

not just to make it a great experience for you and your family 

but a great experience for my Dogs and pups.

Just like us, My girls love being a Mom.

They get special attention, Food Supplements

 and a deluxe suite in the house for raising their pups inside my home.

I work with the mom during delivery and closely every day to make sure all are healthy and happy.

I received my certification as a Infant Massage instructor and Canine massage classes . So, with that and 25 years of being a licensed massage therapist I now do Pre Natal and Infant canine massage for my dogs and puppies. I believe in all the befits of massage therapy. 

While I keep them happy my Vets help keep them healthy.

I have 2 that work with me one comes to my home and the other is a Reproduction specialist Dr that does emergency and surgery if ever needed.

I also get help grooming. 

Lots of doodles need Lots of hair care. I have a private studio groomer that takes care of my big dogs and that helps with grooming the puppies. We do at least 2 grooms as puppies. Making their first baths a nice experience is so very important to us! It is a big part of being a doodle.

Being in our home

The smells and noises in a home are very different than pups being in a outside kennel/ shed/cargo trailer etc..

We are a small enough program to keep our dogs as part of our home.

They are exposed to the sounds and smells of a house and it makes for the best start possible. And we get to play with them more than if they were away from the house.

Welcome to our Doodle Family

Text​ or give me a call 678-232-7829 Betsy

Please feel free to text or call for more questions.

 I update photos as much as possible.

  I update as soon as I can but please text to see availability if you have a particular pup chosen, to see if still available.

Betsy Gotch
I am located between Athens and Atlanta Ga in Winder, Ga.

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