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embark for breeders

This dna test shows so much information!

I test all my dogs for genetic issues that can effect the health of your puppy

On this page I am listing my 5th generation Double Doodles / Bearded Retrievers

this gives you 100% knowledge of their genetic and Coat results.

Know what you are getting!

I have talked to  several people get a" Bargain" puppy only to find out

 it wasn't what they thought they were getting!

 without AKC being available for doodles embark allows me to

 prove breed of my Dogs.

Example of Willows certificate dna breed She is a F2b Double Doodle

Willow is a Golden Retriever , Labrador Retriever, Poodle hybrid

Called a Bearded Retriever or a Double Doodle

This trio is a Superior blend of  the Retriever/ poodles that makes a doodle

Giving the pups Hybrid vigor/ health and a balanced temperament

AKC Does not register a mix of 2 breeds. It takes 3 breeds to make a new breed 

this is the hope of BRCA Bearded Retriever Club of America

Listed here are 5th Generation Bearded Retrievers aka Double Doodle Puppies from my July 16 2022 litter.

Sandy F2b Double Doodle

ee KBKB ayay bb FI TT CC CT

This is Savannah sandy paws. - ee KBKB ayay bb FI TT CC CT

75.5% Poodle 18.0% Lab 5.6% Golden

Her Father is Xavier- a Black Poodle Ee KBKB ayay Bb FF TT CC TT

Her Mother is Molly a Double Doodle Red - 51% Poodle 37% Lab 11% Golden

 She looks like a Golden Retriever. ee KBKB ayat bb II TT CC CC

FF "furnishings" 2 copies Long face hair

FI one copy short one long Facial hair

TT Long hair all over 

CC No shedding

TT Curly 2 copies

CT one copy curly one not Typically Wavy coat

So, a Eme Kbky ayay bb Ssp = Hair on face and ears 2 shades of brown , the under coat lighter than the tip of grown out hair darker_ Sable, bb all brown with brown noses.

This Multi Generational 5th Generation is , as predicted, produced all 

TT CC Long Hair and 2 copies of No shedding on all puppies.

the Curly and wavy alike will have very low shedding like a poodle which is great for most people wanting a doodle.

one puppy has week furnishings like mom but I expect her to be stunning with her abstract sable coat. she may shed a little. ( Laughy Taffy) 

Teddy F4 Double Doodle

EmE KBKy aya bb FF TT CC TT

This is Edward Xavier "Teddy" He is a Multi generational Double Doodle- 

EmE Kbky aya bb FF TT CC TT  77.8% poodle 16.9% Golden 5.3% lab

  His Father is Charles Duke of Barrow " Charlie" F2b Goldendoodle 

Eme KBKy awa bb FF TT CC TT 

 His Mom is Willow Bark F2b Double Doodle Curly No shed

75% Poodle 16% Golden 9%Lab Ee KBKB ayat bb FF TT CT TT

His Grandmother is 10 this August 2022 She is a F2 curly Double Doodle And still lives life with us like she is a puppy!

I have been breeding Double Doodles since 2015. My first D.D. was Opal. She was a gift from my sister Patty Jo.

P 76/ G 23.6/L 10.6  apx80lb

Ee KBKB ayay bb SS 

face   length  shed  curl

FF       TT            CC       TT

P 76/ G14 /L10 apx 74lb

Eme KBKB aya bb Ssp


P 78.4/ G9.6 /L12  apx 70lb

Ee KBKB ayay bb SS


                                                                                    P 77/ G 9.3/ L13.7  apx 70lb

                                                                                    Eme KBKB ayay  bb Ssp

                                                                                    FF RR CC CT


 80/G10/L10 apx 60lb 

Ee Kbky ayay bb SS


P 78.5%/ G10.5%/ L11% apx 63lb

Eme KBKB aya bb Ssp

FF TT CC TT  Curly

P 76 /G 12.3 / L11.7 apx 60lb

Ee KBKy aya bb SS


Poodle 74.6 Golden12.5 Lab 12.9 Pounds apx 59

Ee KBKB ayay bb SS 


P 82 /G7.4 /L10.4 apx 51lb

Ee KBKB ayay bb Ssp 


P78/ G10.8 /L11.2  apx 56lb

Eme KBky ayay bb Ssp

Fl TT CC CT Wavy

P74 /G13.4 /L11.9  apx 56lb

Ee KBKy aya bb Ssp


Puppies also get a health evaluation at 6 weeks old by Vet.

1st shots and micro chip also

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